Golden Balka
12 km from Sevastopol
80 km from Simferopol (Airport)

The most fancy winery in Crimea
Wine cellar
Demonstration laboratory for Degorzhage
On the roof, where it is so nice to whatch the sunset with a glass of sparkling wine
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Open hours
Tours are held daily from 10:00 to 17:00,
tasting room from 10:00 to 19:00

Restaurant "Golden Balka" - branded gastronomy based on seasonal Crimean products; working hours from 12:00 to 23:00
Ultimate travel experience
Quadrunner tours and horse walks along the vineyards; antique playground, ZBCinema open-air cinema, sports playground in the park
Activities for children
The park has a playground for children
Winery shop
Works from 09:00 to 21:00

Signature wines
Do not miss the wine line Loco Cimbali, Cuvee de Vitmer, Black Prince
History and people
  • he history of the winery begins in 1889, when Major General and philanthropist Alexander Witmer laid down the first industrial vineyards in the Balaklava Valley and built the first wine cellar.
  • Today "Golden Balka" produces wine on modern European equipment exclusively from its own grapes.
  • The winery produces products under the status of PGI "Crimea," which indicates that grapes are grown in the Sevastopol wine zone.
  • Oleg Repin is one of the key figures of the estate - an outstanding Crimean winemaker and a great connoisseur of Sevastopol terroir and a project manager of Loco Cimbali Winery. Oleg Repin has been collaborating with Golden Balka for several years to create premium wines.
  • Golden Balka annually takes part in leading professional exhibitions and competitions, where it wins high marks of industry experts, prestigious awards and the title of "Best Sparkling Wine of the Year".
  • Balaklava Valley is a wine sub-region of the Sevastopol zone, the microclimate of which was formed due to the mountainous terrain and the proximity of the Black Sea
  • Diverse exposure and altitude range from 70 to 350 m above sea level provide a temperature difference that creates ideal conditions for proper ripening of grape berries
        Acquaintance with the Golden Balka - 800 rubles/person.
        • The best route for the first acquaintance: from the history of winemaking in Crimea and Balaklava to modern technologies at the estate. Excursion with a visit to the wine cellar and bottling room; tasting of 6 samples of sparkling wines.
        Golf car tour - 1,500 rubles/person.
        • ПGolf car tour in Champaneria, which will allow you to enjoy the excursion program with maximum comfort.
        Wine casino - 2500 rubles/person.
        • Wine Casino is a tasting game for gambling wine lovers with a stylized gaming table, chips, croupiers and bets. Participants in the game evaluate the aroma and taste, trying to guess the category of wine and grape variety.
        Tasting of premium wines - 3,500 rubles/person.
        • Excursion with visits to vineyards, wine cellar and demonstration site of the bottling room; tasting of premium wines accompanied by a set of local own Crimean cheese.
        Exclusive tour - 5,000 rubles/person.
        • Golf car excursion and tasting of premium wines accompanied by a set of local own Crimean cheeses.
        Seasonal program: from vines to glass - 5000 rubles/person.
        • An active program to get fully familiar with Golden Balka wines: from vines to glass with tasting of the best samples of Golden Balka wines. Program is active from September to October.
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        How to get there
        Sevastopol, Krestovskogo St., 66

        Line №8 (5-й километр – Kadykovsky plant, bus stop – Winery)
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