Delau Mare
Between traditions and innovations
What kind of wine you prefer at this time of the day?

— Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov
Delau Mare — wine-making region of historical area Valahia.
Names taste like harsh aperitif, recreating in memory the tales of medieval knights of Dragon Order.

Just there, from the top of Carpathians, Vlad III Tepes, glorified by Bram Stoker as Count Dracula, ruled his lands.
Convenient and exellent travel-size region
Quite a small wine region in the foothills of southen Carpathiens, located on a 50-kilometer plot between Ploiesti and Buzau

8 representative wine centers AOC
Boldesti, Valea Calugareasca, Urlati, Ceptura, Tohani, Breaza, Merei, Zoresti
Aromatic varieties
Tămâioasa Româneacă and Muscat Ottonel. But Romanian terroir is suitable not only for autochthones, but also for international grape varieties such as: Chardonney, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc
The region stretches out from Southen Carpathians to the Lower Donau — this territory is reach in climate zones and landscape varieties. Due to this fact Delau Mare is the viticulture center of morden Romania.

The region spreads out 65 km, comprising Jud. Prahova and Buzau. These two areas, just like notes in music manuscript, are located on the same geographic parallel with French Bordeaux and Italian Tuscany.

But Delau Mare enjoys some advantages. Carpathian hills, which little by littles grow up, constitute natural shield, covering tender vines from cold northen draughts.

That is the reason why white wines, produced from grapes harvested on south-west slopes, show velvet structure and medium to high acidity level. They present rich terroir of mineral and volcanic soils, which some areas of Delau Mare is famous for.
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