Land that is just as bounteous as Czar's heart of gold
Only natural wine can conquer the Russian market, the wine which does not need either borrowing of foreign names, or additions of any surrogates, even if it's harmless for health.

— Lev Sergeyevich Golitsyn
The peninsula of treasures: sun, mountains, sea, grapes and wine!
The memory of the first vines is stored here by the cave cities of the era of the Principality of Theodoro and the Genoa Fortress (Theodosia).

Having traveled along the coast from Kerch to the South Coast of Crimea, you can discover an incredible palette of wines and touch the cultural sources of the region. Diving deep into the peninsula, through the Baidar Valley to Balaklava, you can find Inkerman and then continue your journey to the sea breeze plains of Yevpatoria.
of climate zones
Transition from the temperate plain continental to mountain-forest and to southern coastal sub-Mediterranean climate

Diverse and picturesque landscape
From the southern black earth fields of flowering lavender to volcanic rocky soils from the canvases of Voloshin. And of course, the first violin in the wine symphony of Crimea is played by the Black Sea

Grape varieties grown in Crimea
Rkatsiteli, Aligote, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Kokur white, Bastardo Magarachskiy, Merlo, Chardonnay, Saperavi and pink Traminer

Wineries of Crimea
Tsvetaevsky's Feodosia, Voloshinsky's Koktybel, Imperial Yalta, Pushkin's Bakhchisaray, Golitsinsky's champagne, Massandra muscats, dry Inkerman and own wines of a new generation of Russian winemakers!

It is not surprising that the wines of the peninsula unite the Old and New World in their terroir. The red soils of Massandra, saturated with aluminum and iron, are similar to the Argentinean Mendoza and the Australian Kunavar. The vineyards of Gurzuf, Yalta, Alupka, Simeiza, grown under the bright sun on loose limestone, will remind the Portuguese slopes of the Doro Valley, while the Sevastopol region is Crimean Burgundy.

By the types of wines produced, the peninsula can be divided into three parts:

The South Bank is the king of sweet dessert wines, the east (Sudak, Koktybel, Theodosia) is the guardian of the Golitsin secrets of the imperial sparkling wine, and the Sevastopol zone (the Black River Valley, Bakhchisaray and Kachinskaya Valley) is the queen of the production of dry Crimean wines.

3 reasons to visit Crimea
The journey will give new perspectives, an eventful cultural program and the opportunity to seek interesting finds
Mental food
ArTour has long noted that gastronomy is an important part of any trip, especially when it comes to the southern regions where the traditions of hospitality are so well developed. Even if you go to the Black Sea peninsula for business, do not miss the opportunity to taste local seafood, wine, cheese and dishes of different cousins. Get to know some of the best bars and restaurants from ArTour.
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Heaven on Earth
You shall admit - the perfect wine and non-wine journey should be perfect in everything...

Especially when it comes to accommodations. Despite the prevailing stereotypes, the field of hospitality in Crimea is developing every year, and today world-class hotels are to open their doors for you in Crimea. The question is - which hotel to choose? ArTour has found the most interesting options for you.
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