Homeland of elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
The place where the world-famous Pinot Noir wine originates. From dark blue berries to light burgundy juice. From the winemaker's idea to its implementation in a dark green bottle. Where live majestic medieval castles, green hills, and where you can breathe freely, and a smile does not come off your face.
The world-famous quality and reputation of Burgundian wines is based on the historically developed and carefully thought-out classification system of wine lands - Clima de Bourgogne, which means vineyards with clearly defined boundaries on which grapes of a certain variety are grown, and which grands it an individual character (Burgundian vineyards "clima" are included even in the UNESCO World Heritage List).
Burgundy climas
Soil diversity determines the specifics of wines inside one appellation and at the same time, as if on purpose, complicates the classification of the great wines of Burgundy

The most prestigious wine region
Vineyards are located from Yonne (lower Burgundy) and Cote d'Or to Saône-et-Loire. Some wines from Beaujolais are sold under the regional appellation of Bourgogne
Exquisite varieties
Chardonnay (for white wines) and Pinot Noir (for red wines) grape varieties dominate
Since the 1930s, these areas of the "clima" have become the basis of the modern wine naming system and are one of the most important examples of wine culture based on terroirs.

The Burgundy relief is a series of hills that actually represent an earth' break up that exposes layers of different geological eras. The difference may be insignificant, but the vineyards of Burgundy (in particular, the variety Pinot Noir) will find it and express it. The differences can be really significant: with two neighboring cru Pinot Noir will providee different styles of wine. In Gevrey-Chambertin, the most "courageous" Pinot Noir, infallibly tanninous in his youth, elegant, complex and outlandish in maturity. It's berry palette thickens into a black plum, while animal and forest tones sound especially exciting and sharp. Going a little south, in the Morey-Saint-Denis, we meet the most tender, velvety and delicate Pinot Noir of Burgundy.

The most famous wineries in Burgundy are located in the center of the region with the areas of Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. In addition to them there are slightly less famous ones, but no less great regions of Côte Chalonnaise and Macconais in southern Burgundy. And, of course, do not forget that at a distance of one hour from the city of Beaune, the region of Chablis with famous white wines is located. .
3 reasons to visit Burgundy
The journey will open up new perspectives, a rich cultural program and the opportunity to discover interesting finds
A man does not live by wine alone…
Part of the elegant tincture of Burgundy is to have a square and delicious meal, to drink excellent wine, and in the breaks between meals and tastings - to enjoy centuries of history and exciting views. ArTour will introduce you to the most tincture sights of Burgundy.
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Mental food
Whatever the purpose of the trip, the gastronomic studies of the region will move any of them to the background. Burgundy is rich in quality cuisine; dishes are prepared from local and organic products.

After a trip to Burgundy, you will be able to tell your friends without undue modesty and as a real connoisseur: "I wish there would be a Burgundy glass of Pinot Noir with scallops in apple sauce and a small piece of tender blood pudding that melts in the mouth like a souffle..."

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Heaven on Earth
What will you choose: enjoy the "antique" atmosphere in the castle or in a five-star hotel surrounded by lush greenery in the heart of Burgundy's vineyards? ArTour has found you the most interesting accommodation options in the historical region of France.
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