Chateau Pinot
Krasnodar Territory
70 km from Anapa (Airport),
4 km from Novorossyisk, 158 km from Krasnodar
Gravity Winery
First in Russia
Snails Farm
Wine and escargo - ideal match
Creative Labels
Unforgettable taste
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Тип экскурсии
Is in the list of top three best countryside restaurants of Novorossyisk, where you can try snails from the snails farm

Ultimate travel experience
Gravity winery, snails farm, open scenic viewpoint, amphietheater, retro auto exibition, photoshooting on vineyards
Activities for children
One can get aquainted with an elf, try authentic elf lemonade and spend time in kids playroom
Open hours
from 08.00 till 17.00

Two wine bars
Wine bar «Wine Bar» from 11:00 till 22:00
Wine bar «Bar55» from 14:00 till 00:00

Hotel with pool
Grand opening scheduled on Quarter 3, 2021
History and people
  • The original name of the winery was «MYSKHAKO Estate»
  • First harvet in 2015
  • Construction of brand new gravity winery with 5 levels and 14-meter-elevation difference was commenced in 2017 and completed in 2019
  • The license for production and sale of PGI wines was obtained in 2019
  • In 2020 the winery was renamed and got its present name Chateau Pinot
  • Main winemaker - Olga Aursalidi, a person with huge experience of work in Agrofarm «Myskhako», LLC AF «Sauk-Dare», CJSC «Abrau-Durso»
Grape varieties
White varieties: Pinot Gris Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Riesling
Red varieties: Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot

  • Carbon-loam soil
  • Elevation difference from 180 to 270 meters above sea level
  • Winery is located only 3 km away from Black Sea, that makes seasonal temperature difference less noticeable
  • Age of fertile vines - 10-15 years

Cellar Tours:
  • without tasting - 500 RUB (1 hour)
  • with tasting (6 wines) - 900 RUB (1,5 hour)
Vineyard and Snails Farm Tours:
  • without tasting — 500 RUB (1 hour)
  • with tasting (wines and 6 snails) - 1200 RUB (1,5 hour)
Vineyard, Snails Farm and cellat Tours:
  • without tasting— 1000 RUB (1,5-2 hours)
  • with tasting (6 wines and 6 snails) — 1700 RUB (2-2,5 hours)
Snails Farm tour with an elf for kids:
  • with lemonade and honey cookies tasting - 800 RUB (1 hour)
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How to get there
Krasnodar Territory,
Novorossyisk city, Fedotovka village,
SNT Grozd, 28
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